Astrid*Stars: Welcome....(my very first blog post yay!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome....(my very first blog post yay!)

Hi, my name is Astrid....just thought I'd introduce myself. Not filled with many wise thoughts, not even nonsense thoughts today or not any that really come to mind which is really what this blog of mine will be about. I'm pretty new at this actually. But I do tend to never be able to turn my brain's quite annoying actually. It's the main reason to as why I can't ever fall asleep at decent times or even though I can barely keep my eyes open. So I guess for now I'll give you a little taste of the kinda girl I am. It's always hard to describe yourself, or at least for me it always is. You see I find labels a bit useless or at the very least misleading often times. Who is to say that one label describes one completely? But I guess they are there for a reason; to narrow down the descriptions. So I will describe myself using what most people have used to describe me and a little of who I THINK I am. So basically I am a unique, sometimes quirky, sweet yet feisty, tiny ball of energy. I love being a contradiction because honestly I think most of us are, proving how labels are misleading sometimes. Anyways I am the kind of girl that goes with the flow most of the time, but also sets her limits and has her threshold for just how much bull she allows into her life. I laugh at anything and everything because well laughter is the best medicine in my opinion. I am the kind of girl who lives to live and not necessarily to find a purpose, meaning that even though I do think there is a purpose for every one of us, I do not search for it like its all I need to do in this world. Rather, I live and try to find it through my experiences and adventure. I believe that love exists in every one of us and is what unifies us. Without it, we would be unable to experience the hardships life puts us through. I am happy to have found such great love recently with a boy that I honestly think is more than I could have ever wished for. And I am glad that after some heartbreaks I have found the ONE. Yes I am young, but I believe that love does not discriminate against anyone. I am also a believer that music and film and culture and art help heal our wounds. I love music and art and film. And now I am rambling like I always do and have lost my train of thought. Anyways back to what my blog is about I guess. Its just really a place where I can write my thoughts no matter if people choose to disagree with me or not. Anybody is welcome to leave comments or questions, and also advise. But please....if you are gonna be an asshole, you'll get a bitch. Anyways a tout a l'heure (that means til next French....well close enough).
Oh and remember, life is a series of ups and down. It can be beautiful and it can be messy. Life is a beautiful mess <3!

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