Astrid*Stars: June 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Healthy is Awesome

Lately I have been on a major hunt for THE BEST GYM for me which is hard because I feel a bit intimidated and also because there are so many classes I want to try. Now my New Year's resolution has constantly be to get fit and healthy, but for whatever reason, either due to time constraints and sometimes just choosing the easy way out, it has been on the back burner eternally. Also, part of me not joining a gym sooner has been due to not having the money to cover it. Now from time to time I do workouts on the Wii which can be fun, but to be honest, at times glitches come up or it just gets really annoying that you are not a robot programmed to it. I have been to the gym once before when I was 16 using my mom's guest pass, and even though I had a pickle to pick with the treadmills, I loved it. I felt kinda grown up and like I was being productive about my health.  So thereby, I have started searching for the right gym that fits my interests and needs, and let me tell can be overwhelming. I have always wanted to try kickboxing so I know I will definitely be looking at that and also using the Zumba program for the Wii, I know I will be checking to see if the gyms offer Zumba or some sort of dance-inspired class.I have also recently found out about Cardio Barre and Piloxing which sound like sooo much fun. One of my main motivations is also to create something for me that allows me to sort of let everything out, like my "relax time". I also need to pay attention to distance and the class schedule. I babysit during the afternoons and will be having summer school from 8 to 11 am throughout the week except for Fridays so I want something either between school and work or after work. I am still unsure if I'd ever want the personal trainer experience, but we will see. I also need to search nutrition programs fit for me. Another obstacle in choosing what gym or studio would be best for my needs is to choose a chain, private, or women only gym. Thank God for free "trial" gym passes most of the gyms offer though. So first on my list is the Crunch on Sunset. Wish me luck on not looking like an out of shape idiot lol. I will report back on my experience as best I can =). If you have any comments or advice, feel free to share, thank you.

Love & lunges,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apologies for Timing

I would like to apologize for my lack of postings this past month or so as well as the lack of new videos on Youtube. As the end of my semester comes to an end...tomorrow is my last day.... I have been quite busy. Also, I was busy looking for new jobs, which thankfully I have found a new one to better suit my needs and schedule. That being said, I will make a greater effort to at least blog twice a week and post videos once a week since my schedule will be lighter for the summer. If any of you have suggestions for the make up tutorials please post them here or on my Youtube account =) Anyways, thanks for your patience....expect a video within the next few days.