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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Makeup Monday: MAC Pigments

{Source: Pinterest}
So I know it is closer to Tuesday than it is Monday, but this post was suppose to go up earlier, just school kept me busy today, as always. Anyway, I wanted to talk about my newest makeup obsession: MAC Pigments! I currently got my hands on the one pictured above earlier this month and have been using it almost everyday now.
{Source: Me}

{Source: Me}

It is in the shade "Pearl Pink" and it caught my eye when I saw one of the girls at the MAC store in Glendale wearing it as I was browsing the store. Now, I've always been curious about pigments, especially because they come in all kinds of different colors, but was afraid to try them since the powder is all loose and it seemed like it would be messy and complicated to wear. Thankfully the salesgirl instructed me to just dab and sweep it on and to tone it down or play it up with "regular" eyeshadow. Now I am so glad I went for it. What do you think about pigments?

P.S. This will be one of the weekly features I talked about earlier. Mondays will be MakeUp Mondays  unless I do a Must-Have, Must-See, Must-Read(you get the picture) instead. Opinions appreciated :)

With love in pigmentations, 

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