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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Favorite Emmy's 2014 Looks

So I was going to make this a Trendy Tuesday post since it is very fashion related, but then I thought, well there are some dresses I loved that didn't necessarily fall into one of the trends of the night. Some trends I did like were the full skirts and the white and red ones, but then there were some I liked simply because they were gorgeous or were on women I admire in the industry. Also there are some looks that don't fall into the red carpet looks of the night, but were part of the after party celebration and even one that was exclusive to a Yahoo! Live host.

Oh and one thing you must know about me, if you haven't been informed already, is that I love Love, LOVE awards shows! Of course I love seeing the parade of beautiful dresses and all that fashion/beauty jazz, but I also watch them for the awards since I do work and aim to work in the Entertainment Industry. But this post is about fashion. And since this is the second post for today, and simply because I want to let the dresses speak for themselves, I will be keeping it short. Anyway, here are my nominees for best dresses(note I didn't say dressed, it is not a typo):

I think Sarah Hyland pulled off the crop top/full skirt trend perfectly! She looks elegant, but also fun and flirty. Best of all, she looks her age and the color really highlights her skin tone. I also love that she proved us shorties can do the long skirt look and not look like the fabric swallowed us or like we are playing dress up. And this is such an easy look to recreate!

{Source: ABC7}
I know this look got Allison Janney on the worst dressed list, but I disagree. While I'm seldomly a fan of velvet and would have reserved that fabric for say the Oscars, when the weather tends to be on the cooler side, this dress made me have a huge girl crush on her. Not only is she a talented actress, but she is also someone who has aged well, elegantly and gracefully! The color and fit are just amazing on her.

{Source: FabSugar}
While I did love Sofia Vergara's white dress, I felt it too predicatable and wasn't wowed by it. Plus we know she is gonna look gorgeous. However, the dresses above were among my favorite. Camila Alves just looks so elegant and flawless, and her arm candy looked quite dashing as well! He might not have won for his role in True Detective, but in the men's fashion cateogory, he is #1(Also love that Woody Harrelson doned a similar suit in burgundy). As for Kate Mara, it too is elegant, but with a bit more of edge, very much fitting of her. And hot damn Kristen Wiig! She really keeps wowing me each time with her red carpet looks. This one is elegant, but so sexy. Another white dress I loved is this one:
{Source: Zimbio}
I mean how sexy is this dress on Michelle Monaghan?! It's so elegant and simple, but somehow it works. The slit up the leg makes sure it doesn't become just a bland column dress. The top is simple and conservative, but yet it complements her body and again, the slit helps it from being a bit Amish. Whatever the reasons, I love it.

{Source: Tightropemarvel}
I know a lot of people commented on how much Claire Danes' dress looked like Kim K's dress, but in my opinion, it looked better on this woman who actually has talent. Red just looks great on her and I love how elegant it looks on her. It is one of the many red dresses that walked the red carpet, but one of my two most favorited red ones. 

{Source: Trendencias}
This is my second favorite red dress of the night. Like I said earlier, full skirts were very popular on the red carpet! I always love what January Jone's wears. She tends to choose very futuristic, slightly avant-garde gowns, but somehow she pulls them off with such elegance instead of looking odd (i.e. Bjork's weird swan dress). I love the texture/detail in the dress and the fact that the underlining is visibly black. The fit is just great, fitting her like a glove.

{Source: Perez Hilton}
Talking about full skirts, I really loved Allison Williams' dress! It had that classic silhouette, but gives it a twist with the printed bodice. I love the different colors used within the dress and that its not just another typical generic ball gown.

{Source: FabSugar}
As far as after party dresses go, Anna Camp's is my favorite!! It's just so ethereal and pretty to look at. It fits her like it was meant for her, but I love that it doesn't come off looking wedding-y nor does it wash her out. I just can't stop staring at it!

{Source: Taryn Southern's Twitter}
Me, a week ago, at work
 Last but not least, I loved Taryn Southern's look if only because it was almost identical to an outfit I wore last year and which I got lots of compliments on. Since I was at work when the Emmy's and red carpet started, I was tuned into the Yahoo! Live red carpet and saw that Taryn basically stole my look lol. But that's ok because I've long been a fan of hers and she looked great.

Of course, I didn't mention all the looks I liked since, as you can see, there were plenty. Some of the other ones I really liked were Lizzy Caplan's, Anna Gunn's and Natasha Lyonne. I must say though, there were not many dresses I disliked this year. At least from what I saw, most people dressed up great, and those who didn't, just looked plain, but rarely outrageously terrible.

So what were some of your favorite looks? Do you like the ones I picked? Let me know in the comments below. I'm interested to see what you guys have to say about the Emmy's red carpet fashion this year.


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