Astrid*Stars: February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Favorites: 5 Things + February Favorites

Wanted to share 5 things I'm liking this week, or really this month. Here they are:

1. I've been obsessed with the video above. It's a bit old, but a friend brought it to my attention at the beginning of the month. Great to watch when you need a pep talk.

cupcakes and cashmere
{Source: Cupcakes and Cashmere}

2.  I've been obsessed with Cupcakes and Cashmere's blog not just this week, but this whole month. Can't wait to buy her book (As soon as I get through half my TBR list).

Home Decor: Lucite Love

3. I've been obsessed with Lucite Furniture or as some refer to it "Ghost Furniture". Hoping to get this chair soon, which I found through on The Hunted Interior's Blog.

fitz and the tantrums
{Source: Band's Facebook}

4. I have been obsessed with Fitz and the Tantrums. There whole album is so good!

friday favorites.
{Source: Me}
 5. This jeans from Gap. They are my favorite pair so far and my boyfriend loves them on me. This is an older version of these.

So what are your favorites this week/month? Let me know in the comments. For my February Favorites, check out my video here :)


Thoughts on Thursday: Things to do in 30 Minutes {or less}

So I know this post may be coming a little after Thursday, but that's because I originally had planned on a totally different weekly feature/post for Thursday, but we will save that one for next week. 

Anyway, I wanted to start doing this feature, although like most weekly features, they will vary from time to time and I won't always stick to the weekly feature, it is just something to keep me on track. So for today, I wanted to do "Thoughts on Thursday" and just share things I think of throughout the week or things I'd like to share. For this week, I wanted to do things you can do in 30 minutes.
So here are 5 things you can do in 30 minutes{or less}:


1. Workouts- Recently I have been doing the 21 day fix (a BeachBody Program) and each workout is 30 minutes, which has been helpful with my crazy class schedule. But you don't need to buy a fancy program to do a workout that is 30 minutes or under. Youtube has plenty of free workout videos such as this one from or this one from Blogilates. You can also buy affordable videos at Target or Walmart for $5 or swap some with friends.

{Source: Me}
2. Read a chapter or two from a book- This is especially great if you have a small break in between classes and you just want to relax (and finally read the book that's been sitting on your nightstand). You can also do this to help you unwind before bed or if you are waiting at an appointment. 

{Source: Me (wearing a mask)}
3. Put on a face mask- This one is fun because you can pamper yourself while getting other stuff done like getting caught up on your DVR or cleaning your room. Some masks say to leave them on for as little as 10 minutes to as much as half an hour. I usually leave mine on until I feel it hardens as much as it can or begins to flake. I love the one's from Lush.


4. Talking about cleaning your room, why not take 10 to 30 minutes each day to clean your room. I find that when I do this, I actually keep my room clean longer than when I don't. It also means I actually take less time to clean up over all. 

5. Meditate- Seriously! 30 minutes can be the perfect "me" time to reflect on how you feel and tune in to how you are doing that day. This is something I am working on. Life can get overwhelming so to take time to just let go of everything on your mind, that's bliss. It's similar to the whole taking time to read, but this actually helps you get in tune with yourself, not really escape. It also helps clear your mind for better thinking later on.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. Let me know if you think these are doable in 30 minutes or less and if you can think of other things to do in 30 minutes or less.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Workplace Wednesdays: Intro to Internships - Here's hoping our new interns serve as a reminder that someone out there actually wants our jobs.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the sites mentioned in this post.
So today is the first Workplace Wednesday on this blog and I want to discuss internships a bit. This weekly feature was actually something my sister came up with when I was trying to think of what weekly features I wanted to do, this way I could be more organized and not take like a month to think of what to write about. Anyway back to internships.

In my personal experience (I've had 2 internships, that I speak of LOL), internships are must. Some people I go to school with complain a lot about internships because most, as of now, are still unpaid, but honestly while it would be nice to get paid, the experience and connections you make are far more valuable, IMHO. That's the true purpose of an internship anyway. It also comes in handy for job hunting once you graduate. 

In my experience, I have been able to keep some of the connections I've made at my internships and have later gotten calls to come work for them, while still in school. I've also been offered letters of recommendations for future jobs and even made a few friendships. It also looks good on your resumé and LinkedIn (which I can discuss in another post if you want me to). 

So where does one look for an internship? Well below I've listed some of the sites (and places) that have worked for me and where I've turned to find internships:

1. - This site is awesome. It is not your typical job hunting site and is pretty unique. I have actually had people from company contact me based on my profile and also scored an interview with Time Out New York (didn't get it but still). Also I am so happy to say that thanks to me recommending the site to my friend Ashley, she got an internship for this semester through the site. (She is also a blogger, check her out here).

2. - This site is great if you want to get an internship for a magazine. They have unpaid and paid internships and not all of the jobs are in New York, so you may still be able to find something local. It also has magazine jobs for after college. I love this site so much because it's how I got to intern at HGTV Magazine. :)

3. Another good place to look is at your school's career center's website. I actually found my first internship for a production company there. My school uses SunLink to post jobs and internships, so see if your school has a similar system or go to the Career Center. Often times the Career Center has postings on the wall or books filled with possible internships. It may also be helpful to go to your department's office (i.e. History Dept. office) and see if they have any tools. My department actually keeps a binder full of posting. 

4. Two other good sites are and although I haven't used these much, my friends have found a few internships through them.

So I hope this information was helpful. Let me know what you think and if you have any sites you want to recommend, feel free to leave them in the comments. 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trendy Tuesdays: Pastels

Pastels + Allure, polyvore, fashion, style

So Tuesdays will now be dedicated to Trends, particularly the ones I like, but sometimes also giving my opinion on some I don't, but that seem to be going on. Anyway, today I want to concentrate on the pastel trend that seems to be coming for the spring. I actually got inspired by this article from Allures March issue, that I just got in the mail yesterday. 

Lately I seem to be drawn to lighter colors and moving away from my typical blacks and grays, so I'm excited for this trend of mint greens and powder blues, soft lavenders and pretty hues of pink and orange. I think it will be nice to see girls(and guys) wearing the sunniness and dreaminess one associates with California. Anyway, I decided to share my own Polyvore set inspired by the article as well as some other sets I liked on there. 

Pretty pastels, polyvore

pastels by letterelle featuring Burberry

When will I see you again?

Pastel Elegance

Pastel Elegance by ivansyd featuring Yves Saint Laurent

What do you think of the trend?

Love + Pastels,

Makeup Monday: MAC Pigments

{Source: Pinterest}
So I know it is closer to Tuesday than it is Monday, but this post was suppose to go up earlier, just school kept me busy today, as always. Anyway, I wanted to talk about my newest makeup obsession: MAC Pigments! I currently got my hands on the one pictured above earlier this month and have been using it almost everyday now.
{Source: Me}

{Source: Me}

It is in the shade "Pearl Pink" and it caught my eye when I saw one of the girls at the MAC store in Glendale wearing it as I was browsing the store. Now, I've always been curious about pigments, especially because they come in all kinds of different colors, but was afraid to try them since the powder is all loose and it seemed like it would be messy and complicated to wear. Thankfully the salesgirl instructed me to just dab and sweep it on and to tone it down or play it up with "regular" eyeshadow. Now I am so glad I went for it. What do you think about pigments?

P.S. This will be one of the weekly features I talked about earlier. Mondays will be MakeUp Mondays  unless I do a Must-Have, Must-See, Must-Read(you get the picture) instead. Opinions appreciated :)

With love in pigmentations, 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Little Motivation Monday, with Love

Hey guys, I know I haven't posted in about a week or so. I was going to try to post on Friday, but I got super busy and then I celebrated Valentine's Day with my man over the weekend. Anyway, I wanted to write a little motivation Monday post related to this romantic holiday. First off, I must say I'm currently falling in love with Michael all over again and it was all thanks to our simple, yet magical weekend. We have been together for a little over 4 years, but as much as we love each other and really compliment each other, we have had our share of trying moments. In fact, we had broken up for a short while due to the pressure of life and college, but thankfully we are working through it and find ourselves more and more in love each day.

Relationships are difficult and love is complicated, that's just the way things are. But the point of this motivation Monday post is not to talk about my weekend, or the difficulty of relationships so much as it is to motivate people to put love first. Yes I know it may seem like an obvious thing or for some of us we may have been taught to not put a man/woman first, but that's not quite what I mean. What I mean is that we have to accept that without love in our life, we would be pretty miserable creatures. Also I am not just talking about relationships here, but also about self love.

I see so many people, including myself, forgetting to love themselves. Instead we fall victims to hating ourselves. We put ourselves down and let our insecurities take over. And sadly this doesn't allow us to reach happiness. So I ask you to spend a moment alone to love yourself. It may seem silly or even impossible for some, but I think if more people learned to love themselves, there would be less crime and less wars. 

Going back to the relationship aspect though, once a person can love themselves, they can then be happy with someone else. I know that sounds so cliché, but it's the truth. Part of why Michael and me have been able to work things out this time around is, at least on my part, because I have learned to love myself. I have slowly let go of insecurities I had that were getting in the way of me enjoying my time with him. It was making me a pretty miserable person to be around and led me to shutting him out. Thankfully, I am slowly learning to accept my flaws and love myself because of them and this has led to so much happiness for me.

I know this post might appear to be all over the place and perhaps a bit preachy, but I just wanted to be honest and due to the past holiday, I also thought it was appropriate. So go, love yourself and find happiness for yourself.

Love and Happiness,

P.S. I will start writing weekly features. I already know what I want to do based on the day of the week, just need to ease into it. So be on the look out for more regular posts XOXO

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Friday Favorites: Two Tone Obsession

Friday Favorites: Two Tone Obsession, polyvore, wary parker, oliver peoples, barton perreira

So I know this is going up not technically on Friday, but it was meant as one. Anyway, that is not the point of this post, although I am committing to at least one weekly post every Friday until I get more into the habit of keeping this blog up regularly. So now to this Friday's post. Ever since Michael and me walked into the optical store (you know stores that sell glasses) by the building where he works one day during lunch, I have become obsessed with what I call "Two Tone" glasses or gradient style glasses as they are sometimes called.

Now a disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by any of the companies I am about to mention or really any one as of yet. The glasses that specifically got me turned me onto this trend(obsession) were these (I also like the Gregory Peck's and well just Oliver Peoples in general). The ones shown here though are what I was lead to once I started feeding this obsession. It wasn't intentional though. I was really just looking at glasses since the ones at this store seemed so pretty(and pricey lol). Once I was looking on other sites, that's when I saw this seemed to actually be a trend and I was hooked.

The ones shown on the top here are from Warby Parker and they are the Fillmore model. They are probably the most affordable ones I found ($95 with lenses) and I'm in love. I usually wear plain black plastic frame glasses, a bit á la hipster (but not so huge, I have a small face), but this seems like a nice change without stepping too much out of my comfort zone. The second pair are from Barton Perriera and a bit pricier at $325 (frame only), but still are quite nice and have a much more gradient like effect. So splurge if you can ;) 

Do you like the trend? Are there any other trends you are liking right now (glasses or other wise)? Anyway hope you like the post and can't wait to hear your feedback. 

Two tones and love,

Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions

2014 resolutions, picmonkey

So I've been meaning to write this post for a while now. I had actually tried to write one after arriving in Los Angeles (boy does it feel nice to be home), while waiting for Michael (my special guy) to pick me up. I got interrupted halfway through the post with a call from him saying he was close by so I had to pack up and go. After that, life got crazy. Since my mom had done some home improvement projects to my room, most of my things were out of order and it is still taking me some time to get all settled and organized. Also school started two weeks ago and the semester is already looking like it will be filled with constant all-nighters. But aside from being busy (and trying to readjust to normal life and sleep), it also took me a while to really think about my resolutions. This year, I have a mixture of serious to fun ones as well as broad to specific. So here they are:

1. Get more sleep! 
This is something I am forever working on. A better way to put this is to have a better sleep schedule. I tend to let insomnia and excuses get in the way of me going to bed at a decent time and getting enough sleep. This would probably be the key to solving a good part of me getting my life together.

2. Become financially stable.
I say this every year and it is something I do keep a watchful eye on. I don't completely mismanage my money, but I know I can do better. I really want to get serious about budgeting and paying off debt this year. I am graduating and am lucky enough to not have needed loans throughout college, so it makes sense that I have little excuse to not pay off what I owe. Thankfully it isn't much, but it still would be nice to be rid of. This resolution is not just about debt though, it is about starting off my adulthood as responsibly as possible. Good thing I enjoy Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey lol.

3. Wear more white.
So I know this is kind of a weird resolution, but I often seem to avoid wearing white. Part of it is because I am always afraid of getting it dirty lol. But since the holidays I have really been having this weird obsession with white dresses and crisp white shirts. I feel like I am young and should have a little fun with wearing white. I do a lot of black and gray so why not through in this neutral right? Plus it seems to fashionable.

4. Be more adventurous.
I want to really put myself out there this year and try things that I have wanted to do for a while or that are out of my comfort. Like I said, I am still young, and I feel like I should take advantage of this. I am not really the party girl type (though I don't mind a party or two), but I feel like I need to live a little and let loose while I can. A few of the things on my list would be learning to surf and zip lining. But this also extends to trying other new things on a smaller scale like trying a new cooking class or taking guitar lessons. 

5. Be more organized.
This is one I have already sorta started on. The most important part of this resolution is I have to allow myself to let go of clutter, which I've slowly begun to do. I don't necessarily mean clutter as in true junk, but I tend to hold on to items that I don't really need or that don't belong in this chapter of my life. Some of these items are books, magazines and clothes. Since being in NYC however, I have had an urge to purge(it rhymes ha!) and downsize to make room for the me I am currently. Also I just am tired of constantly being messy. I wasn't that way as a child, but I've let laziness and frustration turn me into a messy slob. 

6. Work on my inner self and building friendships.
This is a bit of a two parter, but I feel they go hand in hand. I need to work on making myself happy and work on any inner issues I have that may be preventing me from being happy. I also need to start doing more things for me. This includes continuing with my healthy lifestyle and attending therapy to help me work out things that affect my happiness. I also want to work on building my friendships, both new and old. Sometimes it's difficult for me to make friends as I can be shy and feel overwhelmed. But I really do want to get closer to my friends and make new friendships. I want to be able to have healthy people in my life and also it would be nice to have those friends you can count on and plan friend dates with. Plus I really need a girlfriend (or a few) to go to the gym with and go shopping with.

7. Work on my hair/appearance.
It's not that I just let myself go looking like I just rolled out of bed, believe me I'm not that bad. But i do tend to forgo things sometimes either because I didn't make time or get lazy. However, I really want to start putting a little more effort, especially with doing my hair. Usually I just brush and go, but lately I've been wanting to work with it more, you know curl it or straighten it every once in a while. Also I hate looking frumpy and I think this needs to stop.

8. Be more fashion forward.
This kinda has to do with wearing more white, but it's more than that. I use to be one of the girls in high school that was admired for her fashion sense and style and well I want to get back to that version of me. Well not high school me but that part of me that was more fashion savvy. I mean I still am fashion savvy just forget to apply it to the physical self lol (if that makes sense). I want to again pay some more attention to my appearance (refer to my hate of frumpiness). Also, I want to feel that confidence of rocking a stunning outfit.

9. Better time management.
This goes hand in hand with getting more sleep. In fact, I need more sleep in order to be able to have better time management. I tend to also get frustrated with my day because I'll wake up to late to get any truly productive done in my day. I want to be able to get what I need to get done in a day, done. This will allow me to manage my heavy schedule this semester and also allow me to fit in things I want to do. I also need to be more efficient with my time and try not to get so distracted. This is also essential for the future of this blog.

10. Travel more.
Does this really need further explanation? I have places to go and see and also people to visit in some of these places. 

Anyway, those are my resolutions. I know this was a lengthy post, but they did need an explanation of sorts so they didn't sound too weird lol. Anyway, I'm off to bed as I am meeting a friend in the morning.

Love and goals,