Astrid*Stars: Be an UnderWarrior and #SavetheUndies

Friday, February 27, 2015

Be an UnderWarrior and #SavetheUndies

*Today’s post is sponsored by U by Kotex, but all opinions are 100% my own.*
As I've mentioned earlier, I have recently started dating someone new(ish). He is wonderful and makes me laugh and is very nice on the eyes. So the last thing I want ruining our dates is my period. More specifically, the possibility of a leak ruining our night or being paranoid because all I can think about is that possibility. 

That's why I love that U by Kotex® pads have my back with their 3D Capture Core technology. Seriously, they are my life savior. I'll be honest, I am usually a tampons kind of girl, but sometimes pads are just necessary. There are times where I end up sleeping over, due to long movie marathons or if we had a day trip and I'm too tired to drive back to my place. Those are the nights when I just need to use pads, and thankfully U by Kotex® come to the rescue and keep me worry free. 

The way that the 3D Capture Core works is that it quickly draws in and locks away wetness. Not only do U by Kotex® pads keep you dry due to this technology, but they are also super soft. This means that I am ultra comfy, so comfy in fact, I almost forget the fact that I'm wearing a pad. Personally, I love the U by Kotex® Ultra Thin Pads or the U by Kotex® Ultra Thin Heavy Flow Pads when my period is being particularly vindictive. In both cases I know that I have comfy and reliable backup. Plus, their colorful packaging of individual pads is super cute. 

If you too want to Save the Undies and be an UnderWarrior, then click here. Along with joining the Save the Undies campaign and becoming an UnderWarrior, you can also get some free samples, which are never a bad thing :)


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