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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites are back and it feels soooo good! Honestly I think it's the first of it's kind for the year. While it started with me getting laid off, it ended with me having a temp job doing something I actually want to do. And overall it's just been a good week. You can account it to Mercury being outta retrograde and communication lies opening or just the fact that things just happened to happen and they were great. Either way I'm loving this week.

Anyway here are my favorites for the week:

1. THIS CC Cream:
My friend/person I'm dating James, gave me this sometime ago but it wasn't until this week that I've really appreciated it. I sometimes use it as a primer or just on it's own. My skin was acting up a lot in the last month, but this has done a great job of covering up my breakouts while still looking natural. I wish I knew where they sold it, but James got it for me from the cosmetics lab he works at so I have no clue. It's the best bb/cc cream I've ever used though.

2. Yes Please!
All I can say is HOLY COW AMY POEHLER! Seriously I've loved her since I saw her on SNL and she just has the greatest reading voice I've heard on an audiobook. I decided to get this on since I forgot to cancel my subscription and I'm glad I did. She is obviously funny, but also very compelling and emotional and raw. If you haven't read it or listened to it, I highly recommend you get on it STAT!

3. This Quote: 

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I think the quote speaks for itself. I just take it as there's someone out there that will be able to see past your flaws and will take you, past and all.

4. This Video:
Love the song and this video is just perfection. Love the artsy-ness of it all and well Taylor just looks beautiful as always.

5. Doing this:

I went out to play some Book Lover's Edition Trivial Pursuit and it was awesome. Originally we were gonna play at this really cool bar BUT it was way too loud so we went to Bob's Big Boy, a old school diner (and Landmark) and had a blast. I actually got a lot of answers correct this time around and it was nice to bring James' sister and mom with me for a bit of a girl's night out.

6. AND I almost forgot this:
Found on Tumblr
I finally watched Bob's Burger and I LOVE IT!! My favorite is Louise and I love the actress who voices her too (Kristen Schaal). I should have listened to Tuyen and James sooner.

Oh and I was also happy to finally upload my new video up on my beauty channel, which includes another fave.

What were your favorites for the week? Or better yet, what put a smile on your face this week? Share them with me in the comments below and also let's see if we share any of the same faves for the week :)



  1. Love the Taylor Swift song and video! Bob Burgers.. I have tried and tried and just can't. My family loves it tho.

  2. Love trivial pursuit... Its been awhile!

  3. I love seeing Taylor Swift come into her own and stand firm in whatever she wants to be.

  4. I love Amy Poehler! I have her book but I haven't read it yet. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  5. Yes that video is everything. As for Bob's Burgers, yea its not for everyone. I usually don't do too many animated seres, but lately I've started watching more and I love this one. Although my favorite right now is Rick & Morty

  6. Hahah it's fun but SOOOO hard! This one is a bit of a trip because it goes from classics to books I never knew existed.

  7. I totally agree. She is sassy and I love everything about it. She really is a great role model, she seems to be genuinely nice and many of what she says is actually very profound.

  8. Love her too! A coworker lent me the book but I never got to reading it so I was glad I could at least listen to it since I had an audible credit. It's sooo good

  9. Yea my skin can get pretty bad with acne sometimes and cc cream is just like this newfound holy grail. It does a good job of covering the acne up but still allows the skin to breath. Also loved Mindy's book!! These women are funny and smart and sooo relatable.

  10. My favs this week was when I straightened my hair and cut my split ends. I think my hair feels so good. People underestimate the power of split ends on your mood. lol I love your favs I will check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I am OBSESSED with Taylor Swift's "Style"! <3