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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Workplace Wednesdays: WorkSpace Inspiration

astrid stars workplace wednesdays
As many of you may know, Pinterest can be addicting. But thats's not really a bad thing (unless it keeps you up way into the next day). In fact it can bring lots of inspiration from recipes to beauty how-toe to fitness to, my favorite, home decor. So since I've been wanting to bring back WorkPlace Wednesdays and because lately I've been working a lot from home, whether blogging or other work related stuff, I felt it would be a great idea to share some of my favorite workspace inspiration!

I'm also doing this because lately I just am not feeling my own desk area. So a little inspo is much needed. So here are my top 5 for this week:

{Source: Apartment Therapy}
I love the gallery wall behind it. I also love that the desk is low-key and very minimalist.

{Source: Go4ProPhotos}
I love how girly Leah made her space. I also love the white scheme with pops of pink. It makes it feel efficient but not boring and love how clean it all looks.

{Source: Hannah Blackmore Photography}
Again love the girliness of this workspace. Can you see the theme...minimal. And love that the desk doesn't take a whole lot of space.

{Source: The Every Girl}
Alaina did a great job styling the three spaces, but my favorite and the one tailored more towards my stage in life is this one. I think it's perfect for my blogging tasks because I can pin up any inspo on the bulletin board (so chic) as well as plan out the posts. Again, love that the desk isn't cluttered but has everything that is need.

{Source: Home My Design}
My favorite part about this one is that only the basics are on the desk.

So basically I want a workspace that's nice and artsy so that I can feel inspired, but not distracted. Also I really need to declutter my own space. These all have the essentials like pens and desk items, but somehow on my desk it just looks crowded.

I'm thinking of turning this inspo post into a series or link-up. If you'd like that let me know in the comments and share any tips/ideas/inspo of your own :)


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