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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Spooky Eyes Review: Funky White Contacts

spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
*This post is sponsored by Spooky Eyes, but all opinions are my own*
Do you guys notice anything different? Well maybe it's because I'm wearing Spooky Eyes' Funky White Contacts. If you haven't heard of Spooky Eyes, they are a UK based company that specializes in natural and crazy–– perfect for Halloween––contact lenses. They gave me an array of choices and sent me my first choice, which were their Funky White Contacts.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect as the only contacts I'd ever used had been the plain old prescribed kind. When I got them in the mail, the packaging and all actually didn't look much different from the one's I'd gotten from doctor's visits whenever I'd decide I wanted to give up my glasses. 

spooky eyes funky white contact lenses

The contacts came in this "Dream Eyes" (not sure why it's not Spooky Eyes) box that let me know the expiration date and dimensions. Inside the box, each contact (one for each eye, duh) came in the typical airtight "blister-pack" packaging. The only visible difference from the contacts that I tried before was instead of being clear lenses, there was a white circle on them, 'cause duh, I got the Funky White ones. Otherwise, they were like any other soft contacts I'd used before.

spooky eyes funky white contact lenses them in
Even though I'd worn contacts before though, it still took me a while to put the Spooky Eyes' Funky White contacts in. Part of that is because, I'd been a bit out of practice from wearing contacts. But it was more in part because I decided to apply falsies beforehand, thinking it'd be easier/safer than to try to apply the lashes after the contacts were in. Once they were in though, it was like magic. I had never used color contacts of any kind before, so it was so shocking to look in the mirror and not see my brown eyes looking back at me. 

I instantly became obsessed! Seriously it took me a moment to take in my "new look." I think the shock also came from the fact that while they were surely intense, they also looked a little more natural than I expected. If you can see from the pictures, the contacts made my eyes look a little more on the blue side, especially depending on how the light hit me. Honestly, I had initially expected the contacts to just make most of my eyes look white, kind of like Storm (from X-Men). 

spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
Trying a "shocked" look
That's not to say I wasn't happy with them though. I actually loved the whole piercing blue eyes thing. My favorite part of it all is just the intensity the blue hue gives to my overall appearance. Of course, when I was taking the pictures for the blog I also sent some to James, who thought they were cool and, like me, loved the intensity of them. I also love how shocked my mom and sister were when I texted them a picture of me wearing them...Dirtsa said I looked possessed and my mom was just like "OMG!" 

spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
My "Evil"/Temptress "look" (or at least my attempt for that look)
What's even funnier to me was that when I shared it on social media, there were friends who commented that I had really changed since high school. I also had random people commenting on my pretty eyes. I really enjoyed the comments, but also thought it was funny that people believed my eyes had just naturally gone from brown to blue. But no, this apparently dramatic change was all thanks to Spooky Eyes

More importantly however, it got me brainstorming for Halloween since I was having so much fun with them! The first idea that popped into my head was Vampire, even though it has been overdone to death thanks to the obsession with them over the years. I am also thinking of like Temptress or Witch. What do you guys think? Any other ideas come to mind? If so, share them with me in the comments below. And here are some more pictures to help you get more of a feel for them (and 'cause let's be real...this called for having fun with the camera):

spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
Trying to go for a evil/mad look
spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
Slightly more cunning
spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
Slightly more innocent
spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
My attempt at the Sexy look
spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
Sexy Look Attempt #2
spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
So much fun
Hope those helped brew some ideas. If you guys are itching to plan your Halloween costumes already or just want to have fun with some crazy contacts, make sure to check out Spooky Eyes and their awesome collection.

Astrid (and her temporary Blue Eyes)

spooky eyes funky white contact lenses
Smirk ;p

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  1. I love how your dark hair makes them pop even more...very stunning! I love colored contacts. I'll have to check out SpookyEyes. Thanks for the link!