Astrid*Stars: February 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Friday Favorites: Mr. Pickles, Tea + More

This week was a bit slow and I stayed in most of the week working on my YouTube channel. Seriously, I've lived in my pajamas starting on Tuesday until Thursday night when James invited me over. After that I finally seemed to get myself to places that weren't my bed lol. But that didn't mean there weren't certain things that made me happy (other than spending time with James of course). So with that here are the Friday Favorites for the week:

Favorite Instagram Account/Quotes:
{Source: Kelly Rutherford's Instagram}

{Source: Kelly Rutherford's Instagram}

{Source: Kelly Rutherford's Instagram}
So this week I fell in love with Lily Van Der Woodsen ––er, Kelly Rutherford's Instagram. More importantly, I fell in love with her IG quote posts. Seriously her account is filled with them. I love how beautifully positive these are and how they kinda just let you take a step back and appreciate life as it is. Also love the one about chasing dreams.

Favorite Scent:

Target is awesome. I love it. Also, I love candles. So of course I fell in love with this candle at Target. It seriously smells ahhhhh-mazing! I could almost eat it, but I won't, but still.

Favorite Tea:
I may have mentioned my love for Winter Dream Tea, but I'm including it because I was just so excited to get my hands on the last tins. My last day as a Post PA was on Monday and since the office was right across a Coffee Bean that still had some tins left, I was very happy they were carrying it so late into the season and that I could stock up. I got two tins for me and one for James :)

Favorite Amazon Buy:
Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I've been working on my YouTube videos a lot this week and that means lots of editing time. So you can imagine how excited to find out a Final Cut (what I use for the most part) keyboard cover. It was time to replace my old cover so this was like a double win for me. New cover + editing awesomeness.

Favorite New Cartoon:

Last week I told you how I started watching Bob's Burgers. This week its Mr. Pickles, a cartoon about a dog who is very much on the evil side. This cartoon is not for the faint of heart. I don't usually watch a lot of cartoons or animated series, but lately James has really been turning me on to them. Like seriously, why haven't I been watching more cartoons! Anyway, back to Mr. Pickles; it is very dark humor and its not for everyone. James and me definitely have a pretty twisted sense of humor so we loved this. I mean really a dog who pretty much kills in his spare time, is kinda genius, in a cartoon sorta way. Its almost reminds me of Itchy and yea you've been warned. 

What were your favorites this week? Please share them below and let me know what you think about my favorites this week.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Be an UnderWarrior and #SavetheUndies

*Today’s post is sponsored by U by Kotex, but all opinions are 100% my own.*
As I've mentioned earlier, I have recently started dating someone new(ish). He is wonderful and makes me laugh and is very nice on the eyes. So the last thing I want ruining our dates is my period. More specifically, the possibility of a leak ruining our night or being paranoid because all I can think about is that possibility. 

That's why I love that U by Kotex® pads have my back with their 3D Capture Core technology. Seriously, they are my life savior. I'll be honest, I am usually a tampons kind of girl, but sometimes pads are just necessary. There are times where I end up sleeping over, due to long movie marathons or if we had a day trip and I'm too tired to drive back to my place. Those are the nights when I just need to use pads, and thankfully U by Kotex® come to the rescue and keep me worry free. 

The way that the 3D Capture Core works is that it quickly draws in and locks away wetness. Not only do U by Kotex® pads keep you dry due to this technology, but they are also super soft. This means that I am ultra comfy, so comfy in fact, I almost forget the fact that I'm wearing a pad. Personally, I love the U by Kotex® Ultra Thin Pads or the U by Kotex® Ultra Thin Heavy Flow Pads when my period is being particularly vindictive. In both cases I know that I have comfy and reliable backup. Plus, their colorful packaging of individual pads is super cute. 

If you too want to Save the Undies and be an UnderWarrior, then click here. Along with joining the Save the Undies campaign and becoming an UnderWarrior, you can also get some free samples, which are never a bad thing :)


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friday Favorites: Oscars + Quotes + More

This week has been busy with a capital B, but it has also been quite awesome. I continued my work as a day player throughout the week and have really been enjoying my job. I've been learning all sorts of Post Production stuff I didn't know before and the people there are awesome. Also, I had two interviews for some great jobs. Anyway, here are my favorites:

Favorite Quote(s):

This week I chose two quotes that I really loved (among the many I pin/come across). The first is this one:
{Source: Pinterest}
This quote really stood out to me. I think sometimes we get so caught up in acquiring things and paying attention to things and not what's actually happening around us. Even sometimes needing to take pictures or videos to "capture the moment," but we often forget to actually enjoy the moments and collect them in our memories.

The other quote I loved is this one:
{Source: Etsy}
There is something I find beautiful in a mess, in chaos. I don't know I just really liked the quote.

Favorites Movie:

With the Oscars coming up, I decided I should probably try to watch some movies. One of the ones I got to was Whiplash, and it is by far my favorite so far (I've watched Boyhood and Birman as well so far). I love the simple settings, the way the characters are built up, and the music! Also J.K. Simmons is amazing, as per usual. I really hope he wins supporting actor.

Favorite Oscar-related Item:
{Source: Cosmo}

Other than the movies, I watch the Oscars for the fashion. I love this little infographic on the winning actresses and their dresses. Plus it's kinda cool to see the style changes.

Favorite OOTD:

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this OOTD already. Like I mentioned earlier, I had two interviews this week and they were practically back to back. I decided to wear my wine colored Calvin Klein heels and new black pants as well as my new wine colored shirt (neckline is embellished) and of course my trusty Kate Spade handbag. It was the perfect first impression outfit.

What are your favorites this week? And anyone tuning into the Oscars? Share your favorites and your Oscar predictions below. Excited to see what y'all have to share.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Workplace Wednesdays: WorkSpace Inspiration

astrid stars workplace wednesdays
As many of you may know, Pinterest can be addicting. But thats's not really a bad thing (unless it keeps you up way into the next day). In fact it can bring lots of inspiration from recipes to beauty how-toe to fitness to, my favorite, home decor. So since I've been wanting to bring back WorkPlace Wednesdays and because lately I've been working a lot from home, whether blogging or other work related stuff, I felt it would be a great idea to share some of my favorite workspace inspiration!

I'm also doing this because lately I just am not feeling my own desk area. So a little inspo is much needed. So here are my top 5 for this week:

{Source: Apartment Therapy}
I love the gallery wall behind it. I also love that the desk is low-key and very minimalist.

{Source: Go4ProPhotos}
I love how girly Leah made her space. I also love the white scheme with pops of pink. It makes it feel efficient but not boring and love how clean it all looks.

{Source: Hannah Blackmore Photography}
Again love the girliness of this workspace. Can you see the theme...minimal. And love that the desk doesn't take a whole lot of space.

{Source: The Every Girl}
Alaina did a great job styling the three spaces, but my favorite and the one tailored more towards my stage in life is this one. I think it's perfect for my blogging tasks because I can pin up any inspo on the bulletin board (so chic) as well as plan out the posts. Again, love that the desk isn't cluttered but has everything that is need.

{Source: Home My Design}
My favorite part about this one is that only the basics are on the desk.

So basically I want a workspace that's nice and artsy so that I can feel inspired, but not distracted. Also I really need to declutter my own space. These all have the essentials like pens and desk items, but somehow on my desk it just looks crowded.

I'm thinking of turning this inspo post into a series or link-up. If you'd like that let me know in the comments and share any tips/ideas/inspo of your own :)


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekly Wishes #16

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day, whether you were single or not. I definitely enjoyed a day to myself catching up on Netflix and eating chocolate covered strawberries. That's right, I chose to love myself on Valentine's Day. For one, most of my gals had plans with their guys and two, James and me aren't at that level yet LOL (and our IHop date made up for it on my end). Anyway, I'm excited to start a new week with new wishes, especially since the last one ended so well.

So let's review my wishes from last week:
1. Follow the rest of the schedule for the week- It's slowly coming together, but I still need to put some heat under my ass to move it along LOL

2. Go HAM on the Job Search- OMG guys, good things are happening in this area of my life. I am currently working a short-term gig I love (it's nice to love what you do), which is actually doing something I want to do. Plus the people are nice. I also have an interview set up later this week for after the gig is done. Fingers crossed.

3. Go to bed before 1am- This worked until Friday and then that rolled into the weekend. Still need to work on this.

This week's wishes are:
1. Eat more Veggies- I know I've fallen off the healthy bites wagon and am really struggling to get back on, but I actually haven't been that bad. That being said, I noticed my diet is seriously lacking veggies lately so I need to get some salads on my plate this week.

2. Watch the Oscar Nominees- So I love watching the Oscars and am so excited for them this Sunday....BUT I've only watched Boyhood. So I am trying to at least get through the Best Picture nominees by the time the awards air.

3. Take some Codecademy/Skillshare classes- I've been meaning to do this, especially because I need to start working on blog elements as well as my portfolio website for my professional stuff.

So what are your wishes for the week? And how was your Valentine's Day? Share in the comments below. And remember, you can always join the link up hosted byThe Nectar Collective by clicking below:

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites are back and it feels soooo good! Honestly I think it's the first of it's kind for the year. While it started with me getting laid off, it ended with me having a temp job doing something I actually want to do. And overall it's just been a good week. You can account it to Mercury being outta retrograde and communication lies opening or just the fact that things just happened to happen and they were great. Either way I'm loving this week.

Anyway here are my favorites for the week:

1. THIS CC Cream:
My friend/person I'm dating James, gave me this sometime ago but it wasn't until this week that I've really appreciated it. I sometimes use it as a primer or just on it's own. My skin was acting up a lot in the last month, but this has done a great job of covering up my breakouts while still looking natural. I wish I knew where they sold it, but James got it for me from the cosmetics lab he works at so I have no clue. It's the best bb/cc cream I've ever used though.

2. Yes Please!
All I can say is HOLY COW AMY POEHLER! Seriously I've loved her since I saw her on SNL and she just has the greatest reading voice I've heard on an audiobook. I decided to get this on since I forgot to cancel my subscription and I'm glad I did. She is obviously funny, but also very compelling and emotional and raw. If you haven't read it or listened to it, I highly recommend you get on it STAT!

3. This Quote: 

A photo posted by Juliette Lewis (@juliettelewis) on
I think the quote speaks for itself. I just take it as there's someone out there that will be able to see past your flaws and will take you, past and all.

4. This Video:
Love the song and this video is just perfection. Love the artsy-ness of it all and well Taylor just looks beautiful as always.

5. Doing this:

I went out to play some Book Lover's Edition Trivial Pursuit and it was awesome. Originally we were gonna play at this really cool bar BUT it was way too loud so we went to Bob's Big Boy, a old school diner (and Landmark) and had a blast. I actually got a lot of answers correct this time around and it was nice to bring James' sister and mom with me for a bit of a girl's night out.

6. AND I almost forgot this:
Found on Tumblr
I finally watched Bob's Burger and I LOVE IT!! My favorite is Louise and I love the actress who voices her too (Kristen Schaal). I should have listened to Tuyen and James sooner.

Oh and I was also happy to finally upload my new video up on my beauty channel, which includes another fave.

What were your favorites for the week? Or better yet, what put a smile on your face this week? Share them with me in the comments below and also let's see if we share any of the same faves for the week :)


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weekly Wishes #15

As always, I wanted to get this up on Monday cuz that's usually when people start the week, but I was 1) busy and 2) lazy and yes that can happen simultaneously. I know I mentioned last week was trés crazy (or cray if you insist) and well it just kept getting crazier, some good, some bad. But alas, Mercury is supposed to get the hell out of retrograde which means that everything should start going back to whatever normal was. I mean if you believe in all that, which in my case, I sorta did if only to be able to have something to blame for the chaos.

Last week I stated some of my wishes for the month, and even though the month isn't over and the aforementioned craziness ensued, I've already accomplished one of them. I finally wrote down a blog schedule, at least for the rest of the month. I even scheduled the YouTube videos I want to film for the month including this one. I still need to figure out my daily schedule, which is still very up in the air.

Anyway, here are my wishes for the week:

1. Follow the rest of the schedule for the week- I think this is pretty self explanatory. I have the schedule to guide me. It's not stringent, but I would like to commit to at least making the posts I wanted or just a post for the days I planned. Obviously I need to catch up since I already started late lol.

2. Go HAM on the Job Search- Yea this is gonna happen no matter what! Why? Because I need a job and I need money cuz bills don't get paid with love or baked goods.

3. Go to bed before 1am- I've almost given up on a normal sleep schedule...ALMOST. But for now I just want to be able to go to bed before 1am. It's feasible, I hope.

I hope everything goes back to normal for everyone now that Mercury is no longer going to be in retrograde. I wish you guys a fantastic rest of the week and Happy Valentine's to all, single or taken :)

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

February Wishes || Weekly Wishes # 14

It's Thursday and I'm just getting this up. I kept trying to put it up, but work has been crazy. No really, my eye has been twitching like crazy and let's not get started on my neck. Needless to say I am stressed out, but I am also grateful to be somewhat employed again. Also naps are great, I don't know why I hated them for so long. Anyway, mercury is almost done being in retrograde, so I have hope this month (can't believe its February) will only get better !

Before we get to my wishes for the month, let's see if I was able to accomplish last week's wishes:
1. Blog Schedule-  Yea still need to sit and write this down.

2. Hike More- So I didn't get to 3 hikes, but I did do 2 nice hikes. One of them was with my dogs and I finished just before the rain came pouring down lol. The other hike was a really long hike (like 3+ hours) with my old coworker Ashlee. We ended up doing one of the Hollywood Sign trails and obviously I took a lot of pictures.

Hike #1:

Hike #2 (Hollywood Sign):

3. Finish two books- Like I said I'm newly employed and lately have just been really busy/tired. So I didn't even finish one book, but I did read 100 pages more of The Girl that Kicked the Hornet's Nest. So yay for that.

So with that I bring you my February Wishes:
1. Write Down the Blog Schedule- To actually stay on track I will just focus on planning out this month's posts. Seems simple, yet somehow it's impossibly hard to execute LOL.

2. Get Myself on a Schedule- So I keep trying to get so much done in a day, but somehow only manage to actually accomplish one or two things. I really need to work on my time management and get myself into a nice schedule or routine that is conducive to me working from home. Plus I really need to stop working way into 3am.

3. Design the New Blog Elements- I may have mentioned before that I am working on a new blog design with a friend of mine. Well he gave me a list of tasks to get to so that he can really start working on the site. Sadly I keep putting them off. Not so much because I don't want to, but because I'm either busy or feel overwhelmed by other things going on and Netflix just seems more appealing during those times.

Since February is such a short month, I will leave it at that. If I accomplish this yay and if by a miracle I do more than OMG who am I?! Now I'm curious to know what your wishes for the month are. Also anyone mind sharing their V-Day chocolate with me? No seriously!

And remember you can also join in on the fun and do your own Weekly Wishes posts by joining the link up hosted by The Nectar Collective:

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