Astrid*Stars: April 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Wishes #22

Weekly Wishes #22

So I forgot to do Weekly Wishes last week, which is not how I wanted to start the month, but hey, I'm human and life happens and the world didn't end. So far, I've been pretty good about being on time for work. I was late one day last week but that's because some how my brain kept 2:30 instead of 2:00 as my start time. Anyway, I digress... based on how last week went in general and my first week of the Bikini Series, I have very clear goals this week.

This week's weekly wishes are:
1. Don't slack the healthy lifestyle on the weekends!- So I did very well for my first week of the Bikini Series. I did my workouts and ate healthy (following the 8 week plan Katrina and Karena sent those with a  Nutrition Plan), but once Saturday hit I just got lazy. I didn't get any workouts in Saturday or Sunday and I ate a lot of bad take out (damn you Chicken McNuggets).

2. Drink more water-  This is the only area that I wasn't so great at. I really need to up the water intake.

3. BREATHE- I stressed myself out so much last week that I ended up getting nothing done on my days off. I do have a lot of things I need to get off my list, so in a way this wish is a conglomerate of many to-dos. Basically I kept stressing over putting up blog posts and finishing some freelance research work, but also just take it one minute/hour/day at a time. Or else I won't be able to focus and it becomes this vicious cycle.

What are your wishes for the week? Share in the comments. As always, you can join in on the fun and do your own Weekly Wishes posts by joining the link up hosted by The Nectar Collective:

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Target Giveaway- Ends May 12th

$300 Target Giveaway

Target Giveaway...say WHAT?! Seriously I don't know anyone who doesn't love Target or who can go to Target and not leave without a bajillion things they didn't need (and not what they went for LOL). I live like 5 minutes away from me which is dangerously (yet conveniently) close. And since I love you guys just a little more than I love Target (that's saying a lot!), I decided to team up with Oh My Gosh Beck! to giveaway a $300 Target gift card to one lucky reader. Details on how to enter below:

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Monday, April 6, 2015

April Wishes || Weekly Wishes #21

April Wishes || Weekly Wishes #21

I cannot believe it's April already. Honestly I feel it was just yesterday when I was writing my wishes for March and thinking how February was so short. I cannot complain about March, it was definitely a good month for me what with getting a new job and getting the blogging (and YouTubing) on a smoother roll. I do apologize for April not starting quite so smoothly, this week was seriously busy in terms of work. Anyway, before I set my goals for the month, let's see how last week went with accomplishing my wishes.

Last week's wishes:
1. RE: Content Calendars- Still didn't happen.

2. 30-Day Blog Challenge- Started off fine, but then work came into play and I'm now playing catch up. But, we will get there :)

3. Stay on top of my Facebook Groups- This was probably the only wish I managed to accomplish. Right now I am caught up with the majority of my groups, although I do need to finish up one thread. 

4. Set up a Sponsors Page- Maybe in April, LOL.

Also, as far as my goals for March, I did do 2 out of 3, which isn't bad. I did start doing more fashion posts, such as this one and this one. I also have been doing better with my main channel on YouTube.

With that, here are the goals for this month:

1. Be Punctual- If you know me well, then you know that I'm most often always running late. Seriously the struggle has been real. As much as I try, I am usually at least 5 minutes behind. But now that I've started a new job, I'm really trying to break the habit. So far, this is seeming possible.

2. Rock the 5th Bikini Series- Some of you may know that I'm a Tone It Up girl...basically I am a happy follower of Katrina and Karena and their workouts. And the 5th Bikini Series is around the corner. I am so excited and so ready to get back in shape (seriously, I've been terrible). I'm so serious about getting healthier in fact, that I did a one day juice cleanse (look for a review on here soon).

3. Drink my Water- Lately my skin has been acting up and been super dry, so hydration is a must. I need to really start making sure I'm getting my water intake.

4. Balance Work/Life- I'm so happy to be employed again, even if it's only part time (second job search is ongoing). That being said, I need to find a way to balance my alternating work schedule and this blog and my social life and anything else that's going on. April is already stressing me out a bit since I realize there's already so much going on. I gotta remember to balance and BREATHE.

5. Budget- So I have a job now and I have a somewhat steady income, which means I can restart my debt repayment plan ASAP. The struggle is real though 'cause there's so many things I want to buy now, but Priorties, am I right?!

How is April looking for you? What are your wishes for the month? I'm curious to see what y'all say in the comments. Either way, here's to rocking April, and hope California gets some showers. As always, you can join in on the fun and do your own Weekly Wishes posts by joining the link up hosted by The Nectar Collective:

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